We need a lot more websites

When Harvard launched Open Scholar, they were unprepared for the explosive growth in new websites. These sites were primarily research group sites and student community/activity sites. MIT needs to deliver a way to make those kinds of sites easy to build and use.

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If we think of a website in isolation, then Wordpress is the way to go. It’s easy to use and maintain, and looks great almost straight out of the box.

But we shouldn’t be thinking of a website in isolation, for three reasons:

  1. That isn’t the reality in academic institutions. In an academic institutions, content is related.
  2. We need more websites, and stand-alone websites are inefficient for delivering a high volume of sites..
  3. We need to be doing more with these websites that simply posting news items, calendar events, and people profiles…

Drupal Cloud - What it is and isn’t

I want to be very careful here, and I am not disparaging anyone’s work. But Drupal Cloud is not useful for MIT in its present state, for the following reasons.

It’s hard to use. Drupal Cloud has no documentation, offers no user help or support, and contains only two modules custom built for MIT. The rest is Drupal straight out of the box, and Drupal straight out of the box is user unhelpful.

For me — and probably only for me — the other problem with Drupal Cloud is that it contributes nothing back to the open source community. If you look at…

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